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Cloud-based cash flow software allows your business true visibility over your cashflow and provides powerful and actionable insights.

Cashflow management consists of 3 areas: Monitoring, Management, and Modelling.

These areas allow companies to Monitor their business financials, Manage their AP/AR to remain in a good cash position, and Model multiple scenarios so they may consider different methods to keep cashflow moving positively.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of these areas and how they can help your business.


As a business owner, it is important to monitor your cashflow and stay informed.

Cashflow software can track different risk factors and notify you when any changes occur in order to stay on top of your changing cashflow while knowing where you stand.

Monitoring allows you to see the current state of your cashflow while proactively addressing potential problems that may arise. No more waiting to “do the books” to see problems.

We recommend selecting a cashflow management system with a quick setup and integrations that allow you to easily monitor inflows and outflows of cash.


Cashflow software helps manage risk through assessment of your cashflow while exploring various optimizations you could pursue.

A good platform will also highlight any potential issues so you are aware of the risk factors associated with any decisions you’re considering.

Managing the timing of payments allows you to take action on overdue receivables so that your accounts are always as current as possible.

Look for a cashflow management software that allows you to import data, automate the set-up of the platform, and also enjoy full manual control so you can create various manipulations and “what if” scenarios to make well-informed decisions.


Cashflow software is capable of modeling different scenarios based on discussions with your team, allowing you to have many potential options depending on the decisions available at the time.

This helps you to know the next steps that are realistic for your business. The handy “what if” scenarios allow you to make the right decisions for your business.

These three areas of cashflow management help businesses to use their time better. The time that was previously spent exporting and interpreting various sets of data can now be saved and put towards other business activities like marketing or growth.

Knowing what to do next in business is a luxury that not many enjoy. Anticipating various scenarios based on potential decisions entered into modeling software can help business owners and consultants determine the next steps that make the most sense for them.

Clear forecasts will allow your team to set up improved strategies based on existing data and past trends. It’s a fast and flexible solution for your business.

By using cashflow management software, you can avoid crunches while safeguarding your business against credit, debt, taxes, and unchecked growth, and expanding your profit margin through realistic sales forecasting.

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