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Tax compliance is a requirement of all companies, but can often be a complex task. You need to ensure your small business is meeting the current Canadian and foreign tax requirements.

Tax services provided to our clients include:

  • preparation and filing of federal and provincial tax returns;
  • preparation and filing of GST return;
  • preparation and filing of information returns such as foreign affiliates;
  • assistance and representation during tax audit.

A small business is subject to a net federal corporate rate of 9% and must file a corporate tax return no later that six months after the end of fiscal year.

Under the Alberta legislation, a small business corporation is taxed at 2% provincial corporate rate, in addition to the federal corporate rate.

Federal and provincial tax returns must be filed within six months from the corporation's year-end, and any taxes due must be paid within three months (or two months in specific circumstances).

GST is another complex area with its own set of rules and reporting requirements. We can help small business clients prepare the GST return and navigate the complex rules in this area. For instance, did you know there is a Quick Method of accounting for GST that makes it easier for taxpayers to calculate their remittance and file the GST return?

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